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Football School Review

Football School is an application designed by Raptor Claw Games. Football School was first published on . Football School is accessible on Steam.

Welcome to Football School, a management game from the creators of Boxing School, Gladiator School and Gamer Career Tycoon.
You’re the new owner of a football club in the small town of Pineville. Put together a team of players and manage their careers from beginner to star. Invest in your HQ and your own arena, manage staff and upgrade club facilities. Compete with your team in the world campaign and climb the ranks to get more famous.
Experience the wacky fast-paced physics based simulation inspired by football/soccer. Put together your own tactics and combination of player classes to try to beat the different teams(bosses) along the way.
Train your team and choose to level your players the way you want. Choose between many different perks and special abilities.

Key Features:

  • Build and manage your own football club.
  • Develop your arena, headquarters and club facilities.
  • Hire players and manage their career from beginner to star.
  • Level up your players and choose their playstyle and skills.
  • Coach your players during matches, adjust your tactics and formation.
  • Hire veteran, expert or master staff to assist with training.
  • Gain new insights or research improvements to your club.
  • Promote your club and gain worldwide fans or even fanclubs.
  • Compete in tournaments or league all the way up to pro level.
  • Become the best team and the most famous club in the world.

Football School

3.5 / 5

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Author: Raptor Claw Games
Size: 2 GB available space

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