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3.5 / 5


Ayman Isam Alketbi


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Strike of Horror Review

Strike of Horror is an app developed by Ayman Isam Alketbi. Strike of Horror was first published on . It is accessible for Steam.

New Update:

Added Story Mode!!!

17+ Game

Minimum Players: 2

Maximum Players: 10

Play at your own risk!!!!

Strike of Horror is an online multiplayer horror game.
You start by selecting a team of either being a ghost or a human.

Human Objective:
You need to gather 3 sleeping potions to sleep through the horror, and while gathering make sure that the ghost doesn't catch you.

Ghost Objective:
You need to capture as many humans as possible.

Note: The teams will swap at the second round.

Enjoy Scaring your friends.

1) Try to capture your friends from behind to Jump Scare them.
2) Human is faster than ghost.

Strike of Horror

3.5 / 5

Strike of Horror Logo
Author: Ayman Isam Alketbi
Size: 10 GB available space

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