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The Moment We Met Review

The Moment We Met is an application created by 萌约制作组. The Moment We Met was first published on . It is currently available for Steam.

This is an AVG with a fascinating story. As the protagonist, you'll embark on a enchanting journey with the lovely female MC.
Fancy meeting you. We are delighted to dedicate a play of nearly 10,000 words, an engrossing fresh and curing story told by famous VAs and excellent painters with the fascinating, exquisitely crafted melody. Start the extraordinary journey with her. You will meet each other, know each other and rely on each other. So, what sparks will spurt between you?

Since graduation from junior middle school, Mr. Heh has suspended his school life, and lived a decadent life. Since then, he has been killing time by playing games at home from morning till night every day. He has been increasingly worthy of the name as 「Fat Otaku」.
One night he felt hungry and decided to get a late night snack from the drug store downstairs…
He met this girl that would change his life.

The chance we met, was a gift from the heaven. At first, I thought it was a nightmare, but in time, we began to know each other, to understand our pains, we both chose to tolerate, to accept each other. So the nightmare turned out to be a sweet dream, and because of you, my life became full of colors from that moment.

Beautiful character portraits and CGs
Pleasant background music
Sweet and heart-warming story

【Main Characters】
CV: 灵缡心
A girl who suddenly appears in front of Mr. Heh.

With adorable and charming appearance, she always arouses protection desire of others.
However, an unknown disposition is hidden behind her angel appearance.

CV: 闲踏梧桐

Mr. Heh’s desk mate in junior high school, a shy and inarticulate girl.
Due to her disposition, she has had very few friends since her childhood.
She was ever Mr. Heh’s best friend. However, an incident
has led to a rift in their relation.

The Moment We Met

3 / 5

The Moment We Met Logo
Author: 萌约制作组
Size: 2 GB available space

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